Printing Terminology

Aqueous Coating: Top coating that adds a very high gloss
Binding: Securing sheets together to form a book/booklet or form
Bleed: Printing to the edge of the sheet
Blind Emboss: Embossing a non inked area
BlueLine (Proof): Proof using "Blue image" paper allowing multiple colors to appear in different intensities.
Camera Ready: Ready to be changes necessary
Cast Coated Paper: A very, very high gloss stock which allows for ink used to be very glossy
Coated Paper: Clay coated paper used for sharper and glossier printing
Collate: Combining sheets or signatures to complete a form or booklet
Composition/Typesetting: Arranging characters into words, sentences and paragraphs
Continuous Tone Photo: A photo (from a typical camera) with no printable dots
Die-Cut: An outline made of steel and used to "cut" the pattern in various materials
Duo-Tone: Taking a continuous tone photo and making a haltfone using two colors of ink.
DTP: Desk Top Publishing. An early name given to a computer and laser printer combination used for typesetting. While the process and equipment is different and more complex than the early days.... the name remained the same
Finish (Paper Finish): How the paper "feels". Refers to the surface of the paper.
Foil Stamping: A hot pattern contacting a foil material and the paper at the same causing the foil to adhere to the paper
Gather: See collate
Graduated Screen: A series of dots creating a density that varies.
Halftone: A photograph or image having dots instead of continuous tone making it printable in a variety of tones
Letterpress: Printing equipment that prints directly from the "type" to the paper as opposed to offset printing
Matchprint\Color Proof: A proof from negatives with all colors combined rendering the "printed look"
MICR: The use of special characters AND magnetic ink allowing "readers" to recognize numbers at high speed. Most bank checks and deposit slips employ the use of MICR
Offset: A printing process using an inked plate of the image and transferring that image to a rubber blanket and then to the paper
Page: A single side of a sheet.  A single sheet of paper is 2 pages (1 page per side)
Perfect Binding: The spine of a book or booklet is cut flush and edge glued, giving the spine a flat opposed to saddle stitching
Pica: A standard measurement common to the printing industry.  1/6 of an inch = 1 pica or 12 points.  72 points = 1 inch
PMS: Pantone Matching System.  A standard whereby inks are mixed to create different ink colors using a minimal amount of base colors.  In an ideal world PMS 185 would look the same regardless of the printing company or printing process used.  (We don't live in an ideal world)
Process Color (CMYK): Using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black inks to create life-like 4-color picture
Proof: A rendering of a printing project made with less-expensive material for the means of checking imposition, spelling or colors before the expense of actual negatives and plates are made
Saddle Stitch: Folding sheets of paper in half, collating them and using a wire staple or stitch to hold the sheets together
Score: A straight line crease in any material, allowing a sharper fold along the crease in that material
Separations: One negative for each color
Side Stitch: Wire staple or stitch on the side as opposed to saddle stitching
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